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Google Executive’s Family Allegedly Made Life Of Abuse Victim A Living Nightmare

Marissa Mayer

Last month I published an article titled “Victim of Brutal Beating Says She’s ‘Afraid’ of Google Executive’s Family”. It was one of the most read and commented on posts I’ve published on my blog. I received great feedback and the vast majority of readers appreciate knowing about this disturbing story involving a major Google executive’s family. If you haven’t already read that article please do so before reading this one – click here

After I posted my article I received an email from a person who said they wanted to set the record straight about what happened to Mason Mayer’s alleged victim, Kelli Trent. This person told me that they were troubled by false information being spread around and asked for my assistance in having Kelli’s side of the story told.

This person told me lots of information about the Mayer family and the dysfunctional relationship between Mason Mayer and Kelli Trent. This person has politely asked that I not reveal their identity and so I have decided to respect their privacy. I will simply refer to this person as my “source” from this point on.

The information my source revealed to me is disturbing, to say the least. It will give you a greater sense of what happened before the night of the alleged abuse and what took place after that night.

Kelli Trent is an intelligent and hardworking young woman. She moved to San Francisco back in 2005 after completing college and has been consistently employed ever since. Her friends describe her as being very generous and she always tries to help out any way she could. My source wanted to point out that Kelli comes from “a decent amount of wealth herself” and that she often pays for the needs of loved ones without hesitation. She has held some jobs in banking and she even recently tried her hand in a startup company.

Kelli and Mason met back in early February 2011 on his birthday and they started dating immediately after that. Their relationship was very brief but even in that short time it was plagued with serious problems. My source alleges that Mason had been controlling and abusive toward Kelli on numerous occasions.

Mason had not lived in San Francisco for that long. He moved from Minneapolis in the fall of 2010 after his famous sister, Google executive Marissa Mayer, allowed him to live in her penthouse condo. My source alleges that the reason behind Mason’s move is due to him getting in legal trouble in Minneapolis after abusing a “rebound” girlfriend. Marissa apparently wanted to keep him away from “psycho girls” and moved him close to her. Mason and his ex-wife, Kara Mayer, divorced in July 2010.

After he moved to San Francisco and started dating Kelli everything was fine for the first few months. My source alleges that the abuse on Kelli actually began in May after she wanted to leave the relationship. The source showed me a photo of Kelli taken in May with a badly bruised inner arm. The source also alleges that a few days before the night of September 24th Kelli and Mason were at a gym and he didn’t like the way she was interacting with men. He allegedly threw her belongings around and got physically aggressive with her.

Finally the abuse escalated to what took place on night of September 24th. Kelli not only suffered physical injuries but she also sustained a concussion, was disoriented, and had fainting spells. After this incident, she took photographs of her injuries and sent them to Mason’s parents and Marissa was soon notified. My source claims that Kelli was shown little respect by the Mayer family and that they never asked if she was okay. Kelli demanded that Mason get help and the Mayer family came up with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and therapy sessions – which Mason began two days after the family was notified.

The source claims that Kelli was never offered any financial assistance for her medical needs or for her therapy sessions, which she was badly in need of. Kelli pretty much had to suffer alone and isolated herself in the apartment she shared with a roommate. She didn’t go out much since the beating and only confided in a few close friends.

The source says that soon after, in early October, the Mayer family booked Mason a trip on a European holiday for two weeks, which Kelli took as being insensitive and an insult to her. The source says that the Mayer family neglected to understand the magnitude of the problems between Kelli and Mason. The family also didn’t hold Mason accountable for anything. This is when Kelli was starting to realize that she wanted out of the relationship and was pretty much done protecting the Mayer family.

Sadly, while the Mayer family was off on their European holiday, Kelli’s grandmother passed away. After hearing about her loss, she left to go to Tennessee to be with her family. While with her family, the source claims that Mason phone called Kelli and told her that she was not invited to the Mayer family pumpkin carving party. Marissa allegedly did not want Kelli at the party, which Kelli took as a slap in the face. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and Kelli finally knew she was done with the relationship with Mason and done with the Mayer family.

Kelli came back to San Francisco on October 30th and Mason was at the airport to pick her up. This is when Kelli broke up with him. The source alleges that Mason was infuriated by this and showed up later in the day to Kelli’s apartment threatening to release nude photos of her and allegedly vowed to smear her reputation. Mason then took the witness of the September 24th beating to the family party.

On November 11th Kelli went to the police to report everything that happened to her. Keep in mind that Kelli and Mason were not together often since the night of September 24th and up until the day she finally reported the alleged abuse to the police. My source says that it took Kelli awhile to come to the realization that she desperately needed to leave the relationship for good. This is consistent with many victims of domestic abuse who feel like they can change their partner’s ways if they just stay in long enough and are often too afraid to leave.

Soon after a warrant was issued while Mason and the rest of the Mayer family were on their annual Thanksgiving holiday in Hawaii.

The source claims that this is when the campaign to discredit Kelli began and her reputation was torn to pieces. Kelli had her life investigated as Mason’s legal team started subpoenaing texts messages, called her former employers, contacted her ex-boyfriends, etc. The source claims that Kelli depends on a good reputation to secure jobs but obtaining employment in her field has become nearly impossible and that her life is in shatters.

The source described to me one incident in January when Kelli was asked to interview at a company event hosted at Founders Den – this is the workplace of Marissa Mayer’s husband, Zack Bogue. Kelli was in the middle of an interview at the event when suddenly Zack allegedly tapped Kelli on the shoulder and loudly told her to get out. Needless to say, Kelli was thoroughly shaken and embarrassed. She promptly left without finishing her interview. My source points out that Kelli had a stay-away order at the time which specified that any third parties related to Mason are not allowed to directly contact Kelli in any way, “so Zack had no right to speak to her that night”.

Kelli has now left San Francisco. This is a woman who depended on her networking capabilities to get jobs but life is harder for her now. The source says that Kelli never wanted to have all this trouble surrounding her – Kelli fell into a brief and tumultuous relationship with Mason which is a mistake she thoroughly regrets.

While Kelli has been suffering for the past 6 months – Mason has gone on holidays and he’s attended several San Francisco society events (thanks to his sister Marissa) such as the opening of a ballet and a Midwinter Gala. The source claims that Mason owns shares in Google, gifted to him by Marissa, and was invited to an exclusive Google company event featuring Lady Gaga back in March 2011. My source finds it revolting that Mason was being “flaunted” around by his family even after they knew what he did to Kelli.

Kelli has not retained a lawyer and is being represented by a District Attorney. The pretrial conference had been postponed three times since January and is now scheduled for April 18th – if found guilty Mason faces a maximum of four years and eight months in state prison.

Disclaimer: Everything in this post should not be taken as fact. They’re allegations described to me by the source and it’s from their point of view of what occurred. There are many sides to everything and this is just one. If there are any issues you have with anything written in this post please email me.

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