This site will give you a more realistic, honest, and truthful information about one of the world’s most powerful companies. Google knows a lot of information about Internet users and the average person knows very little about the company.

Currently, about 60% of people who do a search on the Internet use Google (in America). Every single search you have done is stored on Google’s computers indefinitely. You never know what they will do with that information and who exactly is looking at it.

This site is for the average person out there to get to know Google more. I became dissatisfied with much of the awe-struck worshipping of Google in the media. Sycophant “journalists” often protray Google in a positive light or handle the company with kid gloves.

This is not what this particular site is about. I will unapologetically give you everything – even the ugly stuff.

The more you know the better choices you will make for yourselves and your loved ones. Knowledge is power.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can I email you privately?

    • Yes, you may. In the “Note” section of this blog I do have contact information, but I guess it’s a good idea to include it here too.

      You can contact me at the following: googleexposed @ hotmail . com (without the spaces of course).

  2. Anon says:

    Just avoid using Google products!

    Google FTW!

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