1. It should always be assumed that any image used on this site is not owned by me, unless otherwise stated somewhere within the article the image accompanies. I do try my best to respect copyright and it is never my intention to deliberately infringe on the rights of any copyrighted works. If you do see something on my site, which you believe rightfully belongs to you and do want it used on my site – please send me an email and I will have it removed as soon as possible. Thanks.

2. Please know that when I post videos on my site, they will predominately be obtained from the Google’s video sharing website, YouTube. I will also embed videos into this site from other sources, but obviously it will be from YouTube often times. There is a lot of content on YouTube and even privacy advocacy groups post videos on there to reach out to audiences there. You have to go where the audiences currently are and, at this time, YouTube receives a lot of traffic. Of course, you do not have to go directly to YouTube from my site. You can just watch the videos on from here and I will always inform you when an external link directs you to a Google owned website.

3. If you need to contact me by email please do so by sending messages here: googleexposed [@]

Use that email address to send any tips you have on Google to me.


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