Andrew Keen: Google Is Declining

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Author and entrepreneur Andrew Keen had an excellent article published by CNN the other day and it’s worth the read. He brings up excellent points and sums up some of the major issues surrounding Google lately.

He writes:

“I suspect that 2012 will be remembered as the year when Google’s fortunes began to wane. The company won’t disappear, of course. But with an inexperienced new CEO, a badly botched new privacy policy, a marked decline in public trust and a looming EU antitrust investigation, it is hard to see Google dominating today’s Web 3.0 world from the same unchallenged position as it once controlled the Web 2.0 economy.”

Hmm, very interesting.

Read more – click here

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2 thoughts on “Andrew Keen: Google Is Declining

  1. sg says:

    Very interesting….. Maybe Google’s days are numbered. They need to be chopped down to size.

    Check this out … Why Google Might Be Going to $0

    Google’s adsense tech is owned by someone else and is being sued.. Could this be the end ?

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