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I neither created this nor took the photo. I found it online and thought it’s hilarious.

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Google Breaks Down Relationships With Facebook And Twitter

 As the growth of Facebook was reaching incredible levels and surpassing expectations, Google was sitting increasing anxious about its own future. The rise of Facebook, and standard it was setting for websites to protect its data from search engine crawlers, could only mean that over time Google would disintegrate.

As reported in various news articles, Google and Facebook had discussions on how they can work together so that both companies can have a win-win situation. Google knew that it could not ignore Facebook for too long, so they decided they needed to have some serious talks with executives there to come to agreements. There were some important talks between the two companies back in 2009 where Google asked Facebook if they could get into the personal data of its users. Google wanted to index all that data in its search engine and it would pay Facebook for it.

Facebook obviously was not going to let Google’s money try to distract it. Facebook told Google that it could come to some sort of compromise where it would let Google into some of its data but Google had to promise that it would never build a social networking type of website of its own. Ultimately, Google refused give up its chance to build its own copycat social website and Facebook simply could never forgo the mountain of personal data it has of its users. The two companies parted ways.

Fast forward two years later, and what did Google do? It launched a copycat version of Facebook and presented it to the world as the next big thing. Needless to say, Facebook was not amused by this but the founder of the website Mark Zuckerberg did not sweat a thing. Zuckerberg often times gives very gracious answers when asked about the threat of Google Plus by reporters and is not nasty about at all.

Around the time Google launched its social extension, in the summer of 2011, Google broke off a partnership it had with another social networking website called Twitter. The partnership they had allowed Google’s robots to crawl Twitter’s website to retrieve live updates of activity on the website. For example, during the partnership, if you did a search of “Earthquake” on Google to find out information about the earthquake in Japan that shook the country in March of 2011, you would get the usual search results but you would also get a small box within the search results that showed live updates of Twitter activity. It allowed you to see all the Twitter communication where people were discussing the earthquake – live, constantly updating, and all within the Google search results.

Well, that summer of 2011 the partnership was no more and the live twitter updates on Google was permanently gone. Google claims Twitter is to blame for the breakdown of the partnership and Twitter blames Google.

It will be made more obvious how much bad blood there is between these two companies when Google launches one of its most controversial new changes to its services yet – and neither Twitter nor Facebook are happy about it….

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