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Social Media Explained…

I neither created this nor took the photo. I found it online and thought it’s hilarious.

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Microsoft Thought Google Had Been Bitten By Malicious Valentine’s Day Lovebug


 Sometimes Microsoft can really give me a good laugh. Somebody at Microsoft has a really good sense of humor because their most recent hit on Google got people talking about what went wrong with Google.

An update on Valentine’s Day to Microsoft’s business security software, Microsoft Forefront, and it’s free average consumer security software, Microsoft Security Essentials – listed Google as a dangerous website. A minor glitch in their update gave a false alarm whenever users visited Google’s homepage.

The security software listed Google as being infected with the infamous Blackhole exploit kit and that the “serious threat” needed to be immediately removed before it can cause harm to the computer. The only thing was that there wasn’t an actual real threat and when the security software attempted to attack the malicious virus it reported back that it couldn’t locate the threat  as there was no threat to begin with.

Although I insinuated that Microsoft did this deliberately, false positives happen to every anti-virus vendor from time to time and this one minor glitch by Microsoft was fairly innocuous – but very amusing. Microsoft immediately responded to notifications about the false positives from users of its software and fixed the issue.

With that said though – perhaps those anti-virus security programs were on to something by raising red flags against Google …HA! 

For more information on this, click here and here

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Working At Google Is Not Really All That Great

 Google sometimes receives praise for the quality of its workplace. I believe much of the praise is too generous and the stellar quality of work life at Google bordering on ridiculous exaggeration. Google is known to give generous perks, but that’s only because it knows it has to do that to keep talent and pacify employees. Top executives at Google have admitted to the fact that they are willing to spend money on things like hiring chefs to cook meals for employees because it means employees can be at their desks longer and not leave the Google campus to retrieve food.

Despite Google’s efforts to indulge its employees while simultaneously working them like dogs, many have left the company to work for Facebook, Apple, and to start their own companies. There is a growing brain drain at Google and it seems like the fake oasis they built is losing its hypnotic appeal on keeping employees in their place.

This recent Gilbert cartoon from December got me laughing hard. As some of you may already know, the mainstream media loved to report on how Google allowed employees to use 20% of their time to do whatever they desired. Well, a Dilbert cartoon decided to mock Google on that:



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