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Japan Sends Google A Warning Message And Reminds The Company Of Its Laws

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 Today, Google got a closer look at our personal data when its new more intrusive privacy policy officially kicked in. This new privacy policy allows Google to combine all your personal data from across all of Google’s many products and services. Google says that this will give you a better experience, but nobody is really buying that. Everybody knows that Google wants to make it easier to sell your personal data to advertisers. The better Google can figure you out and create a “faceless web”, the easier it is to sell that treasure trove of data to advertisers who want to target more personalized advertisements at us.

Although Google is watching us closer – several privacy advocacy groups, attorneys, and international government regulators are watching Google much closer too. The list of those deeply concerned now includes the Japanese government.

In what is being described as a rare show of public warning from the Japanese government – the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications sent a memo to Google warning the company that Japan takes the online privacy of its citizens very seriously. Japan did not necessarily ask for an explanation from Google, but said that they just wanted to remind the company of Japanese laws.

Japan is concerned about how Google is handling personal data of its users and whether or not that personal data is getting into the hands of third-parties (i.e. advertisers) without the full consent of its users. In their memo to Google, Japan outlined two specific laws in particular that it thinks could potentially be broken by Google’s new privacy policy.

Japan isn’t the only Asian country to express their concerns to Google. In February, South Korea said it too was keeping a close eye on Google now.

Google, you have been warned. You may be watching us more closely now, but we’re watching you too.

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