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Victim of Brutal Beating Says She Is “Afraid” of Google Executive’s Family

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There is disturbing bombshell news that has been exposed the other day and it involves a major employee of Google. Marissa Mayer has been with Google since the very early days of the company, she is often said to be the 20th employee of Google. As one of the very first employees of Google, Marissa knows a lot about Google and she is deeply embedded in this company. Her current job title is Vice President of Local, Maps, and Location services.

Marissa became a very wealthy woman after Google became a public company in 2004. She is often seen as the public face of Google itself. You see her everywhere doing all sorts of different interviews with newspapers and even on television programs like the Martha Stewart Show. She has become somewhat of a celebrity and a spokeswoman for Google. The company uses her bright smile and photogenic looks to give itself an attractive public image.

However, Google might want to keep Marissa out of the spotlight for awhile – perhaps never again. The innocent looking and charming woman Google used as the public face of the company is part of a family that isn’t so attractive.

Now, I have written here before that this blog doesn’t focus on tabloid topics or personal issues, but this particular case involving the Mayer family is different. I don’t like gossipy, irrelevant, and frivolous stuff – but I will focus on criminal activity that has strong connections to Google.

The younger brother of Marissa, Mason Mayer, has been accused of three felonies: assault, false imprisonment and domestic violence. He allegedly brutally beat his girlfriend, Kelli Ann Trent, after a night out back in September 2011. We are learning about this now because The San Francisco Appeal newspaper investigated this case and published their findings yesterday.

Alright – so here’s what happened, according to court documents obtained by the newspaper. An affidavit submitted by San Francisco Police Department Inspector Michael Becker, details exactly what allegedly happened between Mason Mayer and his girlfriend:

On the evening of September 24, Mason and Kelli were getting ready to go to a party. They were at Mason’s condo residence at the time. Prior to the leaving to go to the party, they had an argument over a woman – who Mason allegedly cheated with – attending the party too.

The couple went to the party but there was still tension between them. According to the court document, Mason angrily accused a bartender of hitting on his girlfriend. He also became angry at Kelli Ann Trent for speaking with Marissa Mayer’s husband. Mason apparently “dislikes” his brother-in-law for some reason.

The couple left the party and went back home to Mason’s condo residence. While walking through the building hallway, Mason shoved Kelli. He then took her inside the residence, locked her in his bedroom, and then threw Kelli on the floor of the bedroom.

Mason began spitting in the face of his girlfriend, pulling her hair out, and he slammed her head against the marble bedroom floor. Kelli was in agony and in the fetal position trying to protect herself. Mason repeatedly punched her in the face, while Kelli struggled to get away. He told her that the only way she was going to get out of the beating was by driving her to the Golden Gate Bridge and throwing her off it.

Luckily for Kelli, before things could get any worse, Mason’s cell phone started ringing. It was a friend of the couple who was calling to ask to pick up his personal items from the condo. While on the phone, Kelli screamed for help.

The friend eventually arrived at the condo residence and Mason answered the front door to let him in. Kelli ran out of the bedroom hysterical and crying out for help. Mason grabbed her and wouldn’t let her go. The friend asked Mason to let her go but he refused. The friend said that he would call the police if he didn’t let her go. After Mason finally agreed to let Kelli go, she went back into the bedroom to retrieve her bag.

But Mason followed her back into the bedroom and locked the door shut again. The friend decided to stay the night at the condo to make sure nothing bad happened. The next morning, Kelli got up and she noticed all the injuries to her body.

Kelli eventually went to the police to report what happened to her. The 33-year-old Mason Mayer was arrested by police on November 28, 2011. In January a judge ordered Mason to stay away from Kelli. He has pleaded not guilty – but if found guilty he faces a maximum four years and eight months in state prison. Mason Mayer has a pretrial conference in a Superior Court on April 18th, 2012.

This is all so disturbing and vile. I need a shower after reading the court documents and seeing the injuries on the alleged victim. Mason Mayer is apparently very close to his famous sister and lives off her success. According to The San Francisco Appeal newspaper, Mason lives in the same luxury building as his sister and he was never worked since his sister struck it rich working at Google.

Just keep this in mind: these are the type of people you entrust your personal information with when you use Google. I certainly wouldn’t want people like Mason Mayer and his executive sister anywhere near my personal data. Knowing about the ethics and morals of the people who handle very sensitive data about you is so important.

 If I don’t trust you, I will not do business with you – ever.


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Australian Man Refused To Let Google Bully Him

 Google has become a very powerful company over the very short 14 years it’s existed (although it is now looking like it’s weakening due to strong competition from companies like Facebook). All this power can get to one’s head and make them think that they are invisible. Power can actually change people and it can change companies. Google was once an idealistic company that wanted to be different from all the other companies when it first came to the scene. Google did not want to follow traditional ways of doing things and they even had an unofficial motto, which was “don’t be evil”. However, Google is not the same company it was when it first started. It got more powerful, it’s loaded with cash (by selling your private information to advertisers), and its priorities changed.

With so much power, Google thinks it can bully the weaker man or woman into submission and arbitrarily punish or reward people. It is very difficult to fight such a powerful company and it can be intimidating if you do not know how to go about rectifying wrongful treatment by Google against you. However, one man in Australia was not going to let Google walk all over him. He fought the Goliath of a company and won!

As I explained in previous posts, Google has an AdSense program which lets website owners put Google advertisements on their website. The money that comes from people clicking on those ads is divided between Google and the website owner. Google makes billions of dollars from this program and the AdSense advertisements apparently cover 70% of the Internet.

In September 2011, Mark Bowyer’s two year old travel website, Rusty Compass, which advices people travelling to Asia, had his AdSense account terminated by Google. Google claimed that his website ”posed a risk of generating invalid activity”, which means that the clicks on the advertisements on his site were not legitimate. Google was accusing him of fraud and dishonestly. To make matters worse, after Google’s serious accusations and termination against Mr. Bowyer, Google would not let him appeal the decision nor did the company provide him any evidence they had against him.

Needless to say, Mr. Bowyer was devastated by Google’s hurtful actions against him and his small Internet company – he called it a ”reputational slur”. For four months he was left in the dark about what happened and Google would not do anything about it. Mr. Bowyer knew that Google was just going to keep ignoring him, and while most people would have just given up at this point, Mr. Bowyer was not going to let Google bully him. In December 2011 he filed a complaint with the New South Wales Fair Trading, which later investigated Google. After the investigation by Fair Trading, Google was forced to reinstate Mr. Bowyer’s account and offer him compensation. A Fair Trading spokeswoman said

 ”full redress was provided to the consumer following our intervention”.

Bravo to Mark Bowyer for not letting Google bully him around. This should serve as an example to others who are in similar situations as Mr. Bowyer, that you do not have to let Google treat you that way. What happened to Mr. Bowyer is not rare, it happens quite often. Google shows little to no respect to its advertising “partners” (as the Google likes to call them).

As long as Google can use you like some sort of parasite to latch onto your site to gain advertising money from you, that is all that really matters to them. They will suck you dry and when they are done with you they will dispose of you like you never had a relationship together.

Do not let Google victimize you. Speak out against the company if you have been wronged. You have got to speak up against abuse or it will never be fixed.

The story appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald, you can read the article they published today by clicking here

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