Scam Alert: Why You Shouldn’t Blindly Trust Google

Tow truck tows a car after a collision with a ...

Yesterday I published a post informing you about the latest legal trouble for Google. An Australian court found that Google’s ads are “misleading and deceptive”. You can catch up on that post by clicking here.

Today, a reporter for published an article warning Google users about the potential scams they can fall victim to if they are not careful. The article titled “Scam Alert: Why you shouldn’t blindly trust Google” focuses on a woman who was taken advantage of by an unethical towing company.

The woman, Christina Youk, got a flat tire on a dark and rainy evening. She was really frustrated and desperately wanted to get home. She got out her smartphone and Google searched the terms “tow truck”. Google returned search results to her which included their “sponsored ads”. The top ad Google gave her was for a company calling itself West Coast Towing. The company’s ad claims it offers 24/7 service and a speedy 15 minutes response. It also included a toll-free number, which Ms. Youk dialed.

Over two hours later, two men and a woman finally show up to help Ms. Youk. They present her with a handwritten invoice with all sorts of ridiculous exorbitant charges. Ms. Youk was shocked by it because it totaled $580 and she never paid anything like that before to tow her car. But she was desperate and cold so she reluctantly agreed to pay. The good thing is that she later called her credit card company and had the charges canceled.

Think twice before clicking on one of Google’s ads – it might lead you to get scammed or worse.

Read more – click here

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