Is Your Smartphone Password Protected?

Hi guys:

Unfortunately, I’m feeling unwell today – I have a really bad cold! I’m so disappointed because I want to add more material to this blog but my body isn’t working with me right now. There is so much stuff happening now surrounding Google and I really want to give you my take on everything.

Another Google employee has dropped a bombshell! Wait until I give you more details on this. You can expect it will be juicy and scandalous.

In the meantime, I have to take it easy and get as much rest today as I can. I might add stuff later today or tomorrow depending on if this nasty cold goes away. However, I still want to give my blog followers their daily dose of news.

I found a great news clip from NBC’s Today Show about smartphone safety. If your phone is lost or stolen, do you have a password to protect your personal information? NBC’s Tom Costello gives you the report on an important investigation you should watch – the link is below:


 See you back here shortly. Have a safe and happy Wednesday!

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