How To Block Google From Tracking You On Your Iphone

Business Insider created a list to help those who use Apple’s iPhone protect themselves from Google’s spying:

1. Find the “Settings” icon on your home screen. It looks like a bunch of gears.

2. Scroll down and open the tab that says “Safari.”

3. See where it says “Private Browsing”? Move that slider to “On.” (This setting is only available in iOS 5, the latest version. But never fear — if you have an older version, we’ll tell you what to do.)

To read more and see the rest of the list, please visit their website by clicking here

After making sure your iPhone is protected, you may then click on the link below which will direct you to a NBC News video report on Google’s spying.


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One thought on “How To Block Google From Tracking You On Your Iphone

  1. […] Yesterday, I posted here how you can better protect yourselves against Google by making sure your iPhone’s settings are set to maximum security. My post, which I titled “How to block Google from tracking you on your iPhone“, gave you steps for you to follow. In addition, I provided you a link to the Business Insider website that has the full 10 steps. Here is a link to the post I’m referring to – click here […]

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