Internet Users Must Care Enough To Stop Google’s Privacy Violations

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a video on here from the CBC about Google and its lack of privacy. In that post, which I titled “CBC The National: some people feel that Big Brother is watching”, I highlighted a very important point in the video that I felt was something that could potentially continue to expose people to privacy violations.

I emphasized the point that many people, especially the younger generation, are too nonchalant, complacent, and reckless when it comes to protecting their personal privacy. I knew that this is a major problem in the battle against cybercriminals and intrusive companies who are crossing the line with our personal data. If you do not care enough, if you just sit back and think that it isn’t a major problem, then you’re only kidding yourself. Do not think that the Internet is such a big place and that the chances of you being targeted are slim to none. Do not gamble with your personal information because I guarantee you that there are cybercriminals and massive corporations who are betting against you every day you use the Internet and/or company services.

Tech website, All Things Digital, published an informative article today which includes some troubling survey results revealing how some people feel about privacy. Liz Gannes’ article describes how when people are asked if they care about privacy they emphatically say they do, but their actions sometimes contradict how they claim to feel.

Privacy seal seller TRUSTe has just come out with a new Consumer Confidence Privacy Index to gauge how people feel about the protection of their privacy online. In an online survey they initiated, TRUSTe asked participants if they worry about the protection of their privacy online and a whopping 90% said they do. While 59% said they trust their information with most businesses – 88% said they avoid doing business with companies they suspect are not protecting their personal information.

Yet, in another survey, 69.4% of people indicated that they were not very concerned about Google’s plans to consolidate their personal information. That level of ambivalence is a disaster waiting to happen for many of those people because Google has shown on numerous occasions that it does not deserve that lack of concern from its users.

However, things are changing because Google used to benefit from a media that handled the company with kid gloves. Google is actually fallen in the hearts and minds of its users, recently. There is even a new report that shows that Google’s reputation among users has dropped, while companies like Apple have improved. America’s congress has grilled Google,  European Union regulators are highly concerned about Google’s lack of privacy, several privacy advocacy groups have condemned Google’s actions (one in particular has filed a lawsuit against the company), and there are many more developments occurring which have all been happening quite recently. Eventually, more and more people will start getting the message.

In other news, in my post “Google promotes the use of the n-word on black history month”, I mentioned how Google was asking for children to give the company their social security numbers to become eligible for a doodle contest – here is a video about that which includes more details on this story:

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