Google Receives No Love From Their Peers And The Public

According to a recent survey of American adults, an overwhelming number of them do not approve of the personalization of searches and the privacy violations that result from it. Tech website, Search Engine Land, summarized the survey data produced by Ask Your Target Market, which was released in a report available this week.

The first question asked of those surveyed was to find out whether or not they used Google and how often they use the search engine: 38% indicated that they always use Google while others answered differently.

Now here is where it gets interesting, when asked if they like the idea of personalized searches and their personal information from Google Plus being used in search results, an overwhelming number of people responded negatively to it: 45.4% said they think everybody should see the same results, 39.1% said they were concerned about privacy, and only 15.5% approved of Google’s plans to decrease privacy and decrease objectivity in searches.

In another question to the participants of the survey, they were asked if they use Google’s social networking site called Google Plus (which is basically a copycat knockoff of Facebook): 60.4% said they did not even know what Google Plus was or indicated they were not interested in creating an account; 20.3% said they had an account created but hardly ever used the site; and finally only 19.3% responded by indicating they do use it.

They also asked them if they would use Google Plus if they knew their personal social information was going to be included publically in search results – the vast majority did not approve.  Interesting survey.

In other news, late last month, the tech community had their equivalence of the Oscars. The sixth annual Crunchies Awards brought together community members from Silicon Valley to pat each other on the back. There was much love to be exchanged – except for Google, which was shunned and in one incidence even booed.

Harris Whittels, who was the host for the evening, poked fun at Google. He put up a slide showing the logo of Google Buzz (Google’s failed attempt at social networking which resulted in lawsuits, millions in damages, and a 20 year consent order with the Federal Trade Commission for violating users’ privacy) crossed out and an arrow pointing to Google Plus.

The host went on to mock Google’s CEO, Larry Page, by comparing him to Siri (an intelligent software assistant acquired by Apple which can listen to your voice and speak back to you): “What’s the difference between Siri and Larry Page? Siri has a personality”.

San Francisco Chronicle’s article, “No love for Google at the Crunchies this year”, click here

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