Microsoft Informs Public That Google Spies On Emails

Microsoft is holding nothing back with its recent frank comments and public awareness campaign against Google. A week ago, I wrote about how Microsoft decided it was important to finally speak up against Google’s lack of privacy. Microsoft purchased space on major American newspapers for about a week and launched their “Putting People First” campaign. Microsoft informed the American public that Google is collecting private information of its users to sell to advertisers.


Google responded to the campaign immediately after its launch claiming that Microsoft was spreading “myth” and that Microsoft apparently does something similar with its own users. This response is not out of character for Google – they usually always respond to criticism by claiming that another company does the same thing too.


Soon after, Microsoft responded again by saying that they definitely don’t do what Google does and that Google should not try to drag Microsoft down with it. Microsoft said that it never reads the personal emails of its users, whereas Google does this all the time to target advertisements to you and to which Google has admitted to doing.


Then just recently, Microsoft decided to poke fun at Google with a bit of a silly advertisement which resurfaced again. It informs people that Google spies on the personal emails of people who use Gmail, which is Google’s email service. Although Microsoft decided to take a lighthearted and silly approach – the topic of the ad and Google’s privacy violations are indeed quite serious. I will discuss in my upcoming posts just how serious things are getting and the feud between Google and so many other companies (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, New York Times) is just getting started. 


To read my article on the feud between Microsoft and Google which I posted last week, click here



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