French Court Tells Google to Pay Up

The French Tribunal de Commerce has ordered Google to pay €500,000 (around $650,000) in damages to Bottin Cartographes, a company specializing in creating location maps for businesses. The Parisian court upheld an unfair competition complaint lodged by Bottin against Google France and parent Google Inc. for providing its Google Maps API to businesses free of charge. Google only charges businesses to use its API if they have high traffic, or charge users for access to their site.

Bottin Cartographes first filed a complaint in 2009, and argued that Google was damaging its business by running Maps at a loss until it controlled the market.

“Google is ruining the market, they offer something that costs them. They want to crowd out the competition to gain a monopoly position in targeted internet advertising.”       

In addition to the €500,000 payment, Google will also have to pay a €15,000 fine”

Reported by Aaron Souppouris of The Verge.

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