Wall Street Journal: “I’m Still Terrified” Of Google’s Lack Of Privacy

 Great video by the Wall Street Journal explaining changes to Google’s privacy policy. There is one thing I have to correct though. In the video, Julia Angwin says that “technically you can do anonymous searches” if you never logon Google services or stay logged on while doing a search. This is not really accurate because Google can and will still track you whether or not you have an account with them. Your browser, Internet IP address, your location, and your search queries are all traceable directly back to you. Please do not think for a second that you can still use Google services without an account and have this false sense of security that you are not being tracked.

I do love the great point Simon Constable brought up at around 2:29 into the video. He says that the technology editor, Julia Angwin, is “very attuned” to privacy on the Internet and is very knowledgeable – and yet even she can easily get victimized. Google knows this very well. Google knows that the average person is not going to know everything they should know.

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