So why am I involved in this need to expose Google? Well, it all pretty much started in 2011 when I started noticing something weird going on with my Youtube account. If you use Youtube, you probably know that they won’t let you sign in with an account there without having a Google account. This was implemented in 2009 with all new accounts. Prior to this, Google and Youtube were detached (even though Google bought Youtube in 2006 for over a billion dollars).

So if you had a Youtube account, you signed into Youtube using that Youtube specific account information. However, in early 2011, Youtube started to force people who had made Youtube accounts prior to 2009 to link their accounts with a Google account. If you did not link with a Google account, they would not allow you to sign into Youtube.

I had an account on Youtube which I made a few years before 2009. I never had a desire to ever make a Google account and I refused to link my Youtube account with a Google account. So every time the lock-out page appeared to notify me to begin the process of linking my account, I simply clicked on the “Skip” or “Cancel” button they had available and proceeded on.

Unfortunately, half way into 2011 they no longer had the option to skip the linking process for old Youtube accounts. They now demanded users to link or they asked for people not to use their service. I never completed the process to link my Youtube account.

So I have been using Youtube ever since without ever signing into my Youtube account, which is a disappointment because I can never subscribe to channels, “like” a video, send messages to my Youtube friends, or communicate with the general Youtube community any longer.

Anyway, I eventually got over the fact that my Youtube experience diminished by a whole lot and resorted to just watching my favourite videos without engaging with the community. I did this until I started noticing strange behaviour from Google.

Many of the videos on Youtube have advertisements embedded onto the video. The ads are often times on the bottom part of the video or played before a video begins. As I would watch videos I would get advertisements that were creepy, like somebody was sending me messages by using the ads. I don’t want to get too much into this at this time but it become obvious to me that somebody was monitoring my usage and sending me creepy messages.

Also, the advertisements I was getting made it obvious that they were tracking my searches on Google and Youtube. This is disturbing because my searches are supposed to be anonymous because I never search anything while signed into any account and I delete everything.

In addition, I noticed the email account I used to set up my Youtube account (the one that is not a Google account) had been tampered with. Somebody was attempting to get into my account.

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