Okay, let me explain what has been happening quite recently. If you use Youtube, you know that recently they gave the website a facelift by getting rid of the old version of the site with a completely new look. Some welcomed the new look, while others hate it.

Every now and then, Google employees who work on the Youtube team will choose videos they think are interesting and promote them on their front page. I quickly started to notice that some of the videos they would highlight reflected the videos I was just watching. For example, I would watch a video posted by a comedy show and then very next time they renew which videos are highlighted, it includes that exact same video I was just watching. This has happened a few times and, believe me, it is far from coincidental. I knew I was being watched.

It started to feel like I was having a conversation with a person(s) on the other end by simply watching videos and them sending my coded messages. It was an awkward conversation that often times was actually abusive towards me.

This led me to do research on the company and its privacy policies. The stuff I found would make anybody disgusted. This whole creepy stuff that Google does is not new to the company. Take for example the case of a Google employee who stalked 4 children just a couple of years ago.

David Barksdale was a Google employee who was let go from the company after some in the media ran the story of his snooping. He allegedly contacted a boy he met and harassed him. He was able to get into his contact lists and abuse the boy’s trust. And this man isn’t the first Google employee to snoop on people. Remember, these people have access to everything you have an account with them – including Gmail.

Read about the Google Creeper here

Protect yourselves and your children.

Knowledge Is Power


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